Imagine what it would be like if your entire team was operating at their full capacity.

What if you could…

  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Revenue
  • Create Efficiencies
  • Maximize performance
  • Minimize Injury Risk
  • Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Create Healthier and Happier Work Environment

Brain Training Gives You the Performance Edge

In every aspect of your life, brain training gives you not only a competitive performance advantage but gives you skills to be safe and reduce injury.

What is Mind Mastery?

Mind Mastery is a unique offering developed to help individuals, teams and companies thrive.

We specialize in cognitive performance tools and wellness programs that are easily adopted, deliver sustainable positive changes and foster greater enjoyment in the workplace at home, and at play.

With well over 50 years of combined track record, our team’s process of assessment first, encourages you and your team to co-create with us.

We develop an experience to your vision of “thriving and overall wellness.”


Programs are designed specifically for each business and individual after a thorough in-take questionnaire and discovery meeting.

Brain Training and Neurotherapy Can Boost Your Performance

Our brain training and neurotherapy sessions are the “secret” behind top-performing executives and athletes. These same drug-free technologies can help with a wide range of health issues, and are proven to help with autism and traumatic brain injury.

The Statistics are staggering when you look at what lack of engagement costs any organization.

By implementing a program that increases Engagement in your workplace you will see on average:

  • 22% higher profitability
  • 21% higher productivity
  • 10% higher customer engagement
  • up to 65% lower staff turnover
  • 37% lower absenteeism

In the corporate world, it is strongly apparent that cognitive wellness is often overlooked. Not by intention, but through lack of understanding, awareness and support. Our mission is to create a happy, productive culture.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Mind Mastery will show you how to achieve this!

Scientifically validated brain training and step-by-step personalized support are the driving force behind MIND MASTERY



The assessment is a pivotal phase of the process that is utilized to fully understand the team’s cognitive abilities and gaps. This scientifically-validated data become the key to our next steps. 



The custom analysis will show holistic data and situational tips that will reveal valuable insights for your staff and organization.



We create a custom training and performance-based improvement plan. This plan will address the specific opportunities for improvement and goals set forth by your organization. Here we can monitor and adjust to ensure long-lasting change and growth. 



Here we track your results and make sure your team implements and builds new habits with what you learn through our accountability and coaching initiative. 



The results say it all. Ongoing support assures your success in the program as monitoring and re-assessing allows for adjustments and changes as needed.



Reports prove that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins with coaches are key for successful outcomes, confidence and growth.