NeuroTracker is a highly effective tool for enhancing high-level cognitive functions, including attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed.

Used by elite athletes and military Special Forces to heighten human performance, by clinicians to improve the cognitive abilities of patients, and by students/adults/seniors to boost learning – NeuroTracker transforms lives, whatever the starting point is.


Utilizing technology previously reserved for professional athletes, the Edge Trainer is now available to individuals, teams, and athletes of all levels. Through an interactive online platform, you can train and perfect your vision anywhere.


AVE – Audio-Visual Entrainment

Mind Alive products can help you improve many aspects of your life – your health, mental functioning, sleep, mood, and cognition.

Neurofeedback helps with focus, sleep, stress and anxiety and performance enhancement. 

Your brain can tell you a lot about health, life, relationships performance and success.  CogniFit offers scientifically validated tasks to precisely measure and trains your cognitive skills.

Access and improve how you: See + Process + Respond

With Synaptic products you are enhancing your sensory system and will begin to receive information sharper, process quicker and react faster than those around you.

PEMF therapy uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation to heal damaged tissues and bone, to relieve injury-related pain, and even to stimulate organs.

The idea is that pulses at low frequencies will pass through the skin and penetrate deep into muscle, bones, tendons, and even organs to activate the cell’s energy and encourage its natural repair mechanisms.

PEMF is catching on as a non-invasive way to approach injuries, chronic pain, and even chronic conditions like depression and diabetes.

The RYZER TAP assessment evaluates 12 essential performance traits – intangibles like mental toughness, and coach ability – using a 1-100 scoring system.  When paired with the physical metrics, a complete head-to-toe profile is uncovered.  This data is valuable for complete evaluation and performance development and is the cornerstone of ‘BETTER BRAIN – BETTER GAME’ process.

Halo Sport is a brain stimulator that helps you develop muscle memory faster. Gain skill, strength, and endurance 45% faster. Breakthrough plateaus & set PRs. Increase neuroplasticity and accelerate learning in the motor cortex. Backed by 4,000+ peer-reviewed studies.

Studies conducted with over 11,500* people have shown improvements in mental & emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology:

24% improvement in the ability to focus

30% improvement in sleep

38% improvement in calmness

46% drop in anxiety

48% drop in fatigue

56% drop in depression

The Dynavision D2™ has been recognized as the premier attention task recorder for reporting accurate eye-hand coordination as well as visual and motor reaction times for over 25 years! Its’ diverse market ’s include; sports enhancement, rehabilitation and tactical situations including every day living/working situations.

The D2™ is used to evaluate and train visual, cognitive, and motor function across all ages, stages, and conditions. The D2™ is utilized in clinical rehabilitation to address underlying visual, cognitive and motor deficits including visual-motor reaction time, peripheral visual awareness, executive functions, active range-of-motion and dynamic balance. Function and performance improve as new skills develop.

The D2 is also a highly effective sports training tool that helps athletes improve their reaction time, visual awareness eye-hand coordination as well as a broad range of skills, which are widely used by professional athletes around the world who are looking to improve their performance.

Combined with our other training, the D2 is known to improve users’ cognitive performance, peripheral perception and awareness, reaction time, eye-hand coordination, balance, cognitive processing ability, neuro-cognitive abilities, gross motor skills, and functional mobility.  These skills are used in every day functioning and especially where stress affects all the above mentioned situations.